Executive Talking Points Sample

Summer 2010

Teen Living Programs Performance Management – Talking Points for Managers


What is performance management?

Performance management is the process of working to achieve organizational goals, while also supporting individual employee development. Both components are important to Teen Living Programs, because our organization can only achieve its goals through the success of our managers and employees.


Why is Teen Living Programs launching a new performance management process?

Working with a team from the Taproot Foundation, we examined our existing performance management process to determine which areas worked and which needed improvement. As a result, we are launching an enhanced performance management process that will provide greater clarity with regard to manager and employee expectations. Additionally, the performance evaluation form has been revised to provide clearer guidelines for goal setting and to have greater relevance to individual positions.

When will the new performance management process be implemented?

The new performance management process will be rolled out beginning in January 2012.


How will information about the new process be communicated to employees?

Employees will first be informed about the new process via a series of communications from the Teen Living Programs leadership team. Additionally, to help implement the new process, managers will receive performance management training. Following this training, managers will discuss the new process and answer questions regarding the process at their team meetings.


What will be the new schedule for the performance management program?

Performance reviews for all employees will take place during the same period.  [This point will need to be expanded to include when the performance management period begins and ends, as well as when the process for reviewing employees begins and ends.]


How will the new program benefit individual employees?

Employees will benefit from the enhanced performance management program in several ways. The new performance management program will:

  • Clarify manager and employee expectations for work performance
  • Clarify the performance management rating system
  • Allow employees and managers to craft realistic goals that are relevant to individual positions
  • Provide milestones to gauge employee performance between annual reviews
  • Help employees understand how achieving their goals will help Teen Living Programs reach its organizational goals


How will SMART Goals be incorporated into the new program?

SMART Goals are goals that are:

S = Specific M = Measurable A = Attainable R = Results-Oriented T = Timely

As part of the new performance management program, SMART Goals will be used to develop plans that help employees to acquire the knowledge, skills and experience needed to improve performance in their current positions. 


How will the new performance management program affect merit increases?

At this time, Teen Living Programs is not able to offer merit increases; however, we hope that the new performance management program will position us well for this purpose should we be able to offer merit increases in the future.